Shades of Blue


I’m just a kid from So-Cal.

First in my class,

But not by much.

I bite off more than I can chew

Because I don’t see it as such.

I play sports,

To escape from reality.

It’s a form of catharsis

From the day’s brutality.

I enjoy music,

But not its trends.

I hear the vibrations

Of which I don’t comprehend.

They flow through my body

Leave through my mind.

However, its meaning stays behind.

I also play guitar,

But never the same way twice.

Because when I play music,

I always pay a price.




Without the filters

I’m just a guy with brown eyes,

Who sees in shades of blue.

I try to see the best in people,

However they don’t always hold true.

People take my kindness

As if it were foolishness.

But to take it any other way

Would simply be prejudice.

I thrive when conditions are at their worst,

For sooner rather than later

I know I’ll be the one coming in first.

At the hardest times,

 I pretend I’m fine.

I keep a smile on my face,

But I worry inside.

About what I will do with my future.

For that I keep seeing in shades of blue,

Believing that of all the relationships I build

At least one of them will hold true.



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