At the cusp of adulthood, with choices to be made

A toddler tugging your shirt, Bossman on the other side

Your souls on the table, offered for a trade


With money on his side, he knows that you can be swayed

He wants to buy your dreams, surrender and abide

Going into college, with choices to be made


If treason doth prosper, the toddler be betrayed

You’ll spend your life working for your bosses dreams, do so with pride

Sacrifice yourself to his bank account, as the devil laughs in your face


When you die, bossman won’t award an accolade

He only knew your name from writing them on checks, eagle-eyed

He’ll hire someone new, the very next day


So, when you’re at crossroads with choices to be made

Remember the bossman, consider all options weighed

With dreams on one shoulder and money on the next

There are choices to be made, young man, make them in your best interest


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