South Africa

I sat beneath the shadow of one of God`s creations

She also sat beneath the same shadow,

Feather-brained and couldn`t remove my sight

From where she was seated

I tried searching for words to write this poem

But at that moment all I could do

Was wonder what she was thinking

I wondered

If the same thing she was thinking then

Is similar to what she thought when

Her legs took opposite directions

I kept my eye focused on hers

And her eyes told me nothing but

The story of regret; the story of shame!

And now she has her back on the wall,

She`s on her own and

What was done by two is the responsibility of one

The only consolation she has

Is the government`s child support grant

And now she`ll get the price of two

Maybe the God of second chances

Will have mercy on her

And give her another chance

She`s only seventeen!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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