Set Me Free


I am a caged bird.

I have been placed here in this room full of people.

I am their entertainment.

They mock, they point, they poke.

Oh, I wish they could see how much it hurts.

They think I spend my days singing happy songs,

But I am really screaming to be freed.

I hate feeling so alone.

I cry out as loud as I can.

They laugh at my “merriment.”

When will they see my pain?

When will they set me free?

I cannot do this anymore.

I cannot keep living like this.

I want to go someplace where I can be ME.

When will they set me free?

Please listen to me when I speak,

Then maybe they will finally see,

How much pain they put me through.

When will they set me free?

I am here no longer.

I no longer sing.


I am free.


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