Set Him Free



The tears of a single mother run down her red cheeks

Her son

Her son accused of an armed robbery

She trembles in fear blaming their home, blaming poverty

The negative influences that surround him

The drugs? she’s astounded

He sells them

because he no longer wants to see his mom’s blood sweat and tears

He is now in charge of bringing the bread home but with no high school diploma

No one wants to hire him no one wants to hear

hear his life story and why he does what he does

But I do

I crave his knowledge and a sneak peak into his world

Every single event that impacted his life,his dreams

He regrets it all

Never thought he’d fall this hard

wants to go back to mommas womb

It’s too late now

We sit in the court room

I stand up

I have gained his knowledge

I hold his dreams, his fears

Every goal he wants to fulfill

I will get him back on his feet, I will set him free

As a juvenile defense attorney

I will no longer tolerate seeing his family suffer

It is now all up to me

He will be free



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