A Sestina For a Darkened Heart


United States
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“How strange it is to think we’re nothing at all,”

You say one afternoon in the cold.

And I think it’s strange to hear you speak like that;

So bold and brash, and confident like me,

When normally you sit and smile –

And I talk until the mountains fall down.

And my dear, are you feeling down?

Do you want some tea or coffee, anything at all?

You know that I’d do anything just to see you smile.

And keep your heart out of the cold,

Like you’ve tried to do, all these years, for me.

You know I’d kill for you to look at me like that.

You quietly contemplate if that

Thought you said is what brought me down;

But darling, dark thoughts like that don’t bother me…

Does my reaction trouble you at all?

And how I smell coming in from the cold

Makes your pink lips turn up in a smile.

Seeing your face light up with a smile

Makes me quietly wonder if that

You really think I smell as good as the cold –

The icy snow that flurry’s, falling down…

We want to catch them on our tongues, catch them all,

Until our mouths are as cold and dark as me.

Like a carnival ride, we spin until life hurts me.

I shake it off with valor, with a smile.

And I used to think I could handle it all;

The burning fire so white hot that

It actually freezes and flurry’s like snow, down,

Perfuming us with the cloying scent of the cold.

And breathing in the cloudy smoke from the cold

Inspires a silly thought to silly me,

And makes me think of the times that I’ve fallen down

But gotten back up to be with you with a smile.

It goes to show, even in the hard times that

We can really go through this; go through it all.

The downfall of us all added to the cold,

And I smile as I take your scent with me.

You are perfection; so much so, my mind is left with just that.



This poem was very hard to write, regarding form and content. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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