SES "ScarEd Sober"

I use to watch this guy from Chicago

CM told me not to drown out my sorrow

With shots of tequila, whiskey, and beer bottles

Instead, I rooted for guys with drug problems


I thought drinking was like a Toby Keith song

But it turns out drinking ain’t much fun

Because it don’t matter the person you are

If you’re neck deep in a Red Solo cup


E kept calling and bawling

Thinking why he doesn't text back

Said he’d sober up tomorrow

And took another shot of Jack


To T from first grade,

To L when I was nine,

What influenced you that it’s okay,

For you both to have DUI’s.


K was drunk off you name it,

And H had had his chance,

And after what H did to K,

I wanted to beat his sorry…


J went off to a bar,

Said that this one's for you,

The Bud won’t ask why he drinks,

But his crying wife and kids do,


And these aren’t bad people,

They work 9 to 5’s to make their ends,

And the only reason I’m not saying names,

Is because they’re all my family and friends


Now, I wear that X over my heart,

My soul and liver are pure and clean,

But I’m not a punk that’s better than you,

I want you to be better than me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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