Service Life

Sun, 10/20/2019 - 21:08 -- 13

I speak only from my mind on matters.I read no books i follow no set guides.I am not overly influenced by the teachings of others.Yet people bring to me books i have never seen and point out words i have spoken.I am able to answer questions without any knowledge of the topic.I care so much for people it hurts.I dont feel as if i am human.I feel as if i came to guide as best i can people who need to be.The material things are of little concern to me but i have to use it as a medium to help those who seek help.But in doing so i am at a task to suffer as most ascended masters did.To be a monk outside of the temple amongst the people takes far more strenght and disipline.It takes greater effort not to join in with the imbalances around to hold ground on the hot rocks of hell that people are experiencing.And yet providing their minds with the heaven that is within them.The greatest peace is that of a mind void of fear and distrust in self lack of love within.To be content with all as all is is peace.To know that my existence matters it is important.We are extentions of each other nature is an extention of us.As above so below as it is out so it is in.Creation never ceases as the perfect circle has no beginning to be found likewise no end.Such is life.


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