I embody many things

To embrace the simple pleasures

of experience

is living as I am

I am the embodiment

Of singing the 6 second covers

of the artists I aspire to be

Of the weights and cardio machines

I religiously commit to

Of the dogs I look up

that lead me hours on end on my laptop

from puppy litters to shopping to How To Grow Your Hair

I am brightened by the rays of accompaniment

by my loving family

I am the embodiment

Of the tattoos I WISH I had more of

A canvas that will never be complete

An unsatisfied painter at that,

always looking for something more

something new

I am constantly growing

and I enjoy that

I am the embodiment of the emotions I let go of


Of the dances I dance each day

And the songs I sing each day

The readings I read, the tales I tell, the memories I make

I make this happiness

and I’m constantly re-routing my bliss,

These fortunate experiences

what’s here and yet to come


I am the creator of MY life



And I embody it.



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