Seraiah's Life


Who am I?
My name is Seraiah Jean Cook
But what does that mean?
I'm more than a name
I'm just a girl in this world trying to be sane
My life hasn't been the best
This poem is helping me get a lot off my chest

I'm 18 and lost
I have trust issues
I can't drive
I strive to prove my family wrong
I cry when sam smith's stay with me song comes on
I've been hurt by people who claimed to love me
2 exes that left, my real father who was never there, and a family friend who hurt me...

All my life is based on validation
I've never been good enough
And I'm forever reminded that life's tuff

My heart break was predicted by everyone else but myself
I'm naive I truly wanted to believe that for this one time someone actually loved me
Someone who wouldn't judge me
But life doesn't work out that way
The person I've become is sheltered and helpless
I often times become defensive when it's comes to why I let this hold me back
Excuse me because my life isnt according to your track.
One day someone loves you then the next they don't
I guess the day you want me to care I won't
I'm a person who loves u and won't change

Seraiah needs to live her life for her self and stop living it for somebody else
I'm too damn needy and dependent my heart needs to be suspended from people who don't care about me
Why can't I see that I'm wasting my time living my life on rewind

But I'm not happy I'm just here I think that's clear
Why do I let people who left me
Affect me soo much that my life is miserable?
I'm very vulnerable I cry a lot
The message from my best friend of 5 years has me distraught
Great another person leaving me behind
But Seraiah I guess you'll be fine
Your beautiful and smart just remember without everyone else your a piece of art.

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