September was a month of fire
A mosaic of hues
It was spirited
A revelry for the evergreens'
It held a soaking wonder that slipped through your fingers
The stormy curbs and windows
Swimming streets
Drenched autumn leaves
Standing in the ocean of orange
The tall trees towered
They hummed
Outwards they thrummed
Shedding its leaves like a childhood
The sky sparkles in your eyes
The clouds tick by
The wind will carry us home
The rich flowers will drip onto us
Stitching itself into our seems
We'll become the world all in a month
We'll thaw, we'll melt, we'll see
Through a colourful glass window
Twisting with oranges, swirling with yellows,
Tainted with maroons
Dancing in our raindrop-scars
Our eyes will hold our moons
And we'll tilt with the world
And hang our stars so delicately
We'll serenade the leaves
Singing so eloquently 
Sitting on hills of something greener than grass
Watching something bigger than the world
Feeling something more than just us
And just like the world,
Like the leaves and rain
We will fall
So hopelessly 
So blissfully
This poem is about: 
Our world


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