Sun, 12/14/2014 - 18:58 -- Jessclo


Who I am is not who 

But what they do see

What I am is not what

But who I tend to be

Flash, Click, Drag.

Pictures Glowing

Portraits Knowing

My shadows covering the sun

My two one two threes

With a touch of a button

Black and White

Blemishes Lost and Forgotten

Poof, my what is seen as a who

My who: Just a what

But where and why are they mine

If it doesn't agree with my strut?

I could drop them into cyber unknown

Bring back the color

Black White just a phase

But then part of my who

And part of my what

Would be alone, ill-grown

Unprepared, rather scared,

So when does the who stay a who

And the what remain a what? 

Head Low, Body Slow,

Shame wears worse on the aware, 

Never, Never once,

Our whos and whats stolen, 

By a home button, 

My life a battle, 

Between Color and Grays

Maybe who I am is really what 

And what I am is really who

Either way in half color, 

There is always time for blues.


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