the Seperation

You can't kiss
You can't touch
He's the boy in the bubble
It's wrecking your lives
Trying to remove all this rubble
Just two hearts
Just the same
Soaking in the rain.

You can't kiss can't touch
But the infection's still spreading 
You can't live with this love
Towards the edge your still heading

She's just a girl on a cliff
She's walking a line
Trying to figure out
Whether she's living or dying 
Cuz this love's got her crying 

He's living behind some transparent walls
She loves the danger,
Wants to make them fall
But he wants to be all tucked away
Cuz there's power in

They can't kiss 
Can't touch 
And there's one way this is going
Doesn't matter how they feel
Cuz only pain is showing
And she just wants to heal
Wants him to open up 
But they can't....
can't kiss
Can't touch 
Their love it's slowing
Dying in the moonlight 
Embers glowing 
Firey hearts dying
And the wind, it's blowing.

You can't kiss
You can't touch 
And the frustration is growing
Just a boy in a bubble
And the girl he started knowing.


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