Sentimental Pains


I hurt with a pain that leaves

No scars visible to the human eye


I hurt with a pain that leaves

A wound impossible to reach


I hurt with a pain

individualized from all others


These scars of mine won't heal

This wound can't be found under my flesh


It lyes underneath the underneath

Stitched into the fabric that is my soul


I hurt with a pain that lays dormant

Then resurfaces to wrack my body with

earth quacking sobs of a pain

That has not numbed


Not even after all these years

Even after all these years

I hurt

I hurt for what is gone, what  has left me

I hurt for what is, what it is that I am missin'

I hurt for the tomorrows and what it will and will not bring with it.


I hurt with a pain of a love lost too soon.


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