A Sensitive Issue (unmasking The Facts Of Life)

This poem is for broad-minded persons.

Some men are evidently not satisfied with only one wife.
There are so many sexually attractive women.
Men are capable of loving more than one wife at the same time.
And it is not necessary to love each of them equally.
Nobody can give one hundred percent love.
Why can a man’s love not share among two or more women?

Society views polygamy as wrong from a moral standpoint.
But the issue is not whether it is right or wrong,
It is whether it can work well or not.
Dishonest persons cannot decide right and wrong.
And if you think this poem is full of you know what,
Do not hesitate to state your personal opinion.

Ladies, if your husband cheats on you but stays with you,
Do not conclude that he does not love you anymore.
Why not reason that he loves the other woman too?
He hides it from you because he does not want to lose you.
If he did not have enough affection for you,
He would divorce you and marry the other woman.

Please do not misconstrue these comments.
Are you convinced that people can love only one partner?
You may think this poem is encouraging infidelity or promiscuity,
But it is just unmasking the facts of life.
Most people would rather not discuss this sensitive issue.
What do you honestly think about this subject?

Prominent men of old and men of God had many wives.
This ancient practice was considered right then.
Why is it improper to have more than one wife today?
Can right change to wrong and vice versa over the years?
When did right and wrong become adaptable?
Ask the hypocrites in white collars and long robes.

Gentlemen, here is an additional point to mull over.
Do not get too comfortable with my observation.
If your wife or girlfriend wanted another lover,
You certainly would not approve of it,
Neither would you put up with it even for one day.
Most of you if not all would certainly agree with this.

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