The sensational, sense of warm hugs.
Off of fresh cotton smell,
On a friends relief clothes.
Amazing, i felt comfortable in my own skin.

Release the air in and out of my nose.
I let myself go, dream away in wonderland.
My imagination grows, there be no tolls.

Only fun good ride.
Filled with luxury and rich gold submission.
Quench down on person adventure .

Have you at satsification, no less of healthy love.
I purge on that than sinful lust.
many fellow adults sudder in, disgust i say.
For its not the fruit of love,pure ambition.

Ambition, Alice made new friends and have cup of fun.
I saw the colorful character of friendship not craziness.i thought i wAs scared

Learn to trust other with good dough
Nothing sweeter, sanctify than two doves above
I didn't stop from dreaming, i am far away from your tough touch

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Our world
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