The Senses

My friend with synesthesia once told me

That my laughter looks like stars sprinkling themselves around a soft fuzzy moon

When I laugh so hard I snort it’s like a spray of pink lemonade

A yell of frustration escapes my mouth with golden daggers

And anger in my tone tastes like chiles

But it always ends with the flavor of rich dark chocolate when my mood dissipates

Embracing in a hug kindles the smell of roasting marshmallows

And my quiet sobs smell of lavender

A sad song I hum leaves traces of a swirling blue mist

While a series of maroon circles surround my silent self

Excitement springs from me sparking the fuse of glorious red fireworks

And they sense it all

My friend with synesthesia experiences me

They accept me

I am one






Combined and connected to the universe



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