Sun, 08/23/2015 - 23:06 -- tia039



Don't stop now we're just getting started

The room is dark and our lips are locked and parted

I can feel your body pressed against mine

Let your hand glide low and trail my spine

Kiss me on my neck and I'll melt to your feet

I'm all yours, take me now and don't make me plea

Take your clothes off and come lay with me

We can stay warm together, let me feel your heat

Use cuffs or silk ropes to tie me up and don't let me go

I'll be yours to have and to hold

Tonight I'm  going to submit to you so you can take control

Make me scream, make me gasp, make me moan

Theres no one here we're all alone

Let's move our bodies this and that way

Let's have fun like this if you really wanna play 

Now you've done it, we're going into overdrive

Im at my high and I'm ready for the dive 

You take me past all the constellations

You are my wildest temptation

All these feelings I'm having deep within

Is because you give me sensations over and over again


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