hey guys 

this is it,

we have 4 more months till we graduate.

Its been a long ride 

ive known you all since 7th grade.

i have seen you all grow and go through what life has thrown at you,

but most importanly we have all seen each other become young adults

within the next few months we will become adults.

this decade was our childhood and the next is our adulthood.

who knows what will happen to us, 

some will have kids and get married while others are still trying to figure out what were doing.

but dont worry i know in the end we will all find our way through houstons traffic 

and its beautiful sights just like us graduating is a beautiful sight.

good luck 2020 i know everyone will become the best versions of themselves.

i love you all 

mi familia. 



im so sad that were all graduating but i love the freedom. goodbye yesprep southeast hello university 

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