Senior year

Grew up with people that we began to love,

How are we just supposed to forget all of the above?

We are told to be social and what not,

How are we supposed to make friendships that will begin to stop.

What about the people we’ll never see again,

Are we supposed to just forget? That is so inhumane.

I know we’re told “your real friends will stay”,

But i’ll miss everyone so much either way.


It sucks and we understand that we have to move on,

Who made it seem like it will be so smooth when we’re gone.

Knowing we have to make an effort just to stay close,

We get that we can’t do anything about it and it truly blows.

We’ll truly miss each other and it’s a sad fact,

But we’re Class of 2017 and we’ll never forget that.


Makes me depressed I'm going to lose you all,

But the good thing is that's not until next fall.

I'll miss you all so much,

So please keep in touch.

This is where we all start truly living,

And as we all start to leave let’s try not to start quivering.

Just remember we won’t see each other for a while,

But when we reunite it’ll bring us all big smiles.



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