From a Senior

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 23:50 -- csc

To the freshmen, and those in between,
Avoid the intersection where the Art Hall, Science Hall, and Cross Hall meet,
Enjoy the rip-off that is Pizza Break,
And watch a fight just once, but don’t partake.
Forget the score to the football game because you have too much fun,
Then sing the wrong words to the Alma Mater when it’s all done.
Cry when your senior friends graduate,
Go to a school dance, even though they’re not that great.
Put off all your homework, it’s more fun that way,
Then fall asleep in class and on IB Day.
Be sure to go around the slow walkers in the halls,
Eat lunch in the courtyard when the leaves change in the fall.
Write essays well, give back the money you took,
Find a special place to reread your favorite book.
Don’t forget who you are; it’s who you’ll grow to be.
There’s so much in store for you that you can’t see.
Become really great at something you love,
Pursue every crazy dream you’ve ever dreamed of.

You! Make memories, for your time will arrive.
I’ve heard these years are the best of our lives.

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