She held her growing belly
Rocked herself back and forth
Singing to her baby
"I promise to love you, always."

She held her newborn son
Rocking him back and forth
Cooing and smiling, singing
"I promise to love you, forever."

She held her preschooler
Waiting for the bus
She hugged him and told him
"I promise to love you, endlessly."

She watched her teenage son
Hit the grand slam home run
She told him on the way home
"I promise to love you, eternally."

She watched her son as he kissed his wife
And danced the mother-son dance
She smiled and told him
"I promise to love you, constantly."

She lay sick in her bed
Her eyes were getting heavy
She looked to her only son
"I promise to"

He cried at her bedside
And when he returned home
He went into his daughter's room
"I promise to love you, forever."


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