A semicolon symbolizes the continuation of a sentence that otherwise could have ended;

only the writer can choose to use a semicolon in place of a period, too often does a writer choose to end their sentence with a period; whether their sentence is in chaos or tranquility, they choose to end their sentence;

they would rather end there sentence as is to begin another, than use a semicolon and continue on with the same story;

writers today tend to write simple sentence too often, they do so because it is easy, it seems as if they can't mess up a simple sentence;   

writers choose to use a period because they don't want their sentence to become too complicated; they believe it is easiest to end a sentence and restart fresh with a capital letter, new subject, and a new action; 

but if a writer ends their sentence when it seems everything is falling apart, they will never get the chance to write the perfect ending to that sentence;

I am tired of wishing to start a new sentence, my story is just getting started;

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