SeLfy of SeLie

What is the true meaning of this SeLfy of SeLfme?

All I really know is that it takes care of me.

With its filters I change who I am,

I am confident and free, but I am not me.

So, Please SeLfie help me.


When did life become so hard?

I was joyful and full of hope.

The pressures of life have finally gotten to me. 

We were told no Child Left Behind,

But look at me now, lost in a never ending loop hole.

My peers? They could care less.

Their more worried about the next best thing on Insta,

Rather than the struggles of our communities.


 I must be just like everyone else because

I open my eyes for the first time.

I finally see the world I have been prescribed.

Does life have this bittersweet taste?

Do I hide behind a image that I make,

Or would I say SeLfie to hide the pain and rejection.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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