Selfish Words

These words flow out of me

unstoppable like a river

I write and I write and I write

I spill whats in my head

Spools of unrelated threads of

Anger, and hate, and love, and mishief, and danger

and common human emotions and

I love these words that i write down 

that I type down

That I refuse to speak

That I

dont tell my sister how

she is the sun rising on the horizon

how her smile is my beacon of light 

That I

dont tell my mom how

She is my saving grace

Without her words, without her voice I am empty

That I

dont tell my dad how 

He is what holds me together

He is what keeps me standing, if not tall, then, simply, up.

That I

don't tell This one who 

lives too close too see

that I dream of growing wings and flying

he doesnt know what he does to my heart

That I

dont tell my best friend that

this relationship we have goes beyond meaning

when I see him, i see myself within

I am

just selfish with these words words words

I like to hear THEM speak 

I like to hear THEM tell me things

I like to be lifted up upon the shoulders of this parade of voices

You are beautiful

You are strong

You can do it

I love you

Well I want this to be read

I want this to be kept

I want this to be held

Because I love you

And you can do it

And you are strong

And you are beautiful 

and without you,

without these words you are giving me 

I am nothing.

So i keep your words locked in a box

Locked in my paper

Locked in my story

Hopefully one day you'll read it

This mixmatched, Collision of

words and thoughts and 

Maybe you'll fall a little in love with me.



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