Selfish, That Is What Humans Are

When we try to be selfless, we are selfish.

We consider acts of kindness, acts of heroism.

But they're acts of self pride, acts of narcissism.

No matter what humans do, it's entirely for ourselves.

To put worth on our empty shelves.

When we care for others, we desire a result of their happiness. For our sake.

We want others to be okay. Even when our smile is fake.

So that we are the ones selfishly suffering.

So that we are the ones selfishly worthy.

But then we want pity. Though we say we don't, we do.

We say anything but what we want. Things that aren't true.


Why is it so hard to say what is needed?


Is it because of them? How we're treated?

Is it because when it's someone who makes us feel really selfish?

Someone who makes us feel like we are their wish?


We can smile, for a while.

We can cry, and ask why.

We're selfishly selfless.

We're a mess.

But I guess when you have your treasure, prince, or princess,

You are really... selfish.

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Our world




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