Selfish Ignorant Humans

Oh you poor little humans,

You Selfish Ignorant Humans

you think that your cause is right,

but your fight is not a just cause.


You fight for injust reasons

hoping for change

and revolting when it

never comes.

Your Selfishness Blinds you,

Leading you onwords into

and endless Abyss of

Lying, Decete, and Crime.


Your Ignorance hurts the Freedom you love,

Showing you are not

truly worthy of holding

such an omnipitant power in your hands.


Let me offer you a bit of advice,

"Frieden, Liebe und Wissen"

or Peace, Love, and Knowledge.


With these armed by your side

nothing is impossible,

Your Selfishness fades to gray

as if it never exsisted


And as for your Ignorance,

it manifests into somthing better

the Humility, and Adultness

needed to overcome anything.


With this in mind

I wish you the best of luck,

Dont be attacted to your own life

But instead thrive with those around you


Take those little words with you

"Frieden, Liebe und Wissen"

as they will guide you to greater things

You Selfish Ignorant Humans






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