A selfie


Let me take a selfie
with a good camera, not my beat up iPod with the crack across the screen
But a good camera, a good nikon or canon with good focus
Where you can set the exposure with a tap of your finger
And white balance with the tap of a button
A good camera, because a good camera,
a camera that can shoot in 1080 with a file that takes hours to upload to facebook,
is the only camera accurate enough to take a selfie that complements my awesomeness

Let me take a selfie
at Sadie Hawkins dance, I had a camera like that then
because I was taking photographs for the school newspaper
And even though I didn't have a date to the dance it was only because
my boyfriend, an old soul with a pleasant smile
and dashing features was too cool to go to sadies, with it's new fangled music
and flashing lights, so I went alone to the dance because the other members of newspaper
were too nervous to go, and I went and I took awesome pictures

Let me take a selfie
at film club, I had a camera like that then
because it was at our local community access TV station
And let me assure you, I didn't just take a selfie, I took a video
we were doing our shoot for our zombie film, and I was playing the news anchor
and let me tell you, being the news anchor in a zombie film can get a little boring
So when the techs were preparing the lights, I took the 25 pound fancy TV camera and pointed it directly
at my face and when Cassandra discovered it in editing, she thought it was awesome, and pretty funny too

Let me take a selfie
at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, an event we put on in our school gym, I had a camera like that then
because I was taking interviews for our robotics team's YouTube, and some of the interviews
just didn't have GIRTH and POWER. The real people that I wanted to interview were busy
so I set the shot from my tripod and interviewed myself!
The words came out of my mouth in a rolling thunder of greatness
I talked about how our robotics team was PROFESSIONAL and FANTASTIC
and it was pretty awesome

Let me take a selfie
in my room, after just opening the box of my new camera, I had a camera like that then
because it was black friday, and my dad thought that my talent for visual arts would take me places so
he bought me a camera. A good camera, it doesn't quite shoot in 1080 but close enough
and it's pretty fancy, but also fantastic because I worked hard to make my talents recognized
and when my friends post a selfie from their iPods, I send them a like because we all have our talents
we just need someone to get us a camera
to share our awesome talents with the world

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