Self Worth

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 21:09 -- kemi09

I love differently

but I shouldn't be crucified for it.

I wish I could lose feelings as quickly as I catch them

and I wish I could stop caring as quickly as you

and I wish things didn't have to be this way.


life bears the unexpected

and quite frankly the unknown bears the hardest challenges.

I think differently

but that doesn't mean I can't think for myself.

I make stupid decisions

as we all do

Because that's what life's about.

And although I may doubt,

myself, my actions, my words, my purpose

I discover my self-worth each time and I know it's much more than how I allow ppl to treat me.

I heal differently

a lot longer than necessary in my opinion

and the littlest shit gets to me and nearly convinces me to relapse.

I'm stronger than I was yesterday and a lot stronger than I was last week

But I still have some ways to go

Because I can't do certain things or go certain places

in fear that all the memories come flooding back, good and bad.

I'm trying though, I owe it to myself.


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