Self Revival

Put your hand to your chest
and press down.
Turn the voltage up
shout out
Check your vitals,
nothing there.
"We need oxygen my lungs aren't getting air!"
Grab a mask
before you relapse
 and trance into a state of relax
and hashtagging hashtags
 and tagging the hash
you brag that you smoke without gagging.
Give yourself a thumbsup
maybe your tail will stop wagging.
Wrist watch to heart beat.
Exactly 60 seconds later.......
"Boys we got some dead meat"
 Eyes open but you can't cheat,
zip the bag fast
and don't peak,
listen for the pace
of heavy feet,
you feel your body lifting
but you can't see,
 you're wasting away
from reminiscing the days
 you were fucked up
 and chose to stay
hidden in your cave
of faded smoke
 and foggy haze.
We are a people
from one maze
to the next
creating our own perception
of perfection
 but don't have the guts
 to step out of our confined cage
  break our way out
of our narrowed paths
and create
our own place
 in this world.
 We are destined
 to challenge our challenges
and challenge what our challenge says,
and accept our fate
and lay in our beds,
stand aginst our dose of meds
and let our voice
 be made to thread
the beating hearts our souls fight for.
Some may tread through love and hate
and still embrace the dying fate
that we bury our eyes in dirt
and patiently wait
for our dreams to take on decay.
Let's break away
from the mold we were made from
and grow up to the light
and inspiration
that inspires
our imagination.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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