Self love

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 16:47 -- Soulae

  He said..

"Open up girl,
would you give me your heart,
Let me play tag with your soul, 
if I catch you,
you gotta give it up.."


Two hearts,
naive as can be, 
innocent with l-o-v-e, untouched with reality, fell for the love they touched when their feelings got stuck in lust,
tangled in covered up cuts, 
no peeling off the bandaid,
they didn’t want to touch, 
see each other’s blood, where they bled, where their demons hid, 
where their childhood experiences lived, 
how he got teased as a kid, 
or how she drowned in others words,
Distorted opinions,
love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you see, what you see, beautiful it looks, 
But you just got deceived,
window shopping, 
finger prints on the glass tryna figure out what kind of relationship you want to have, but little do you know love comes with tests, it’s not about what you want, 
it’s about what are you willingly to do, 
it’s a sacrifice, 
you really do have to give yourself up for a person that you decide to love, 
you gotta rip your skin apart so you can be open for their heart to enter with their broken parts mixing, twisting, fixing up your shattered ones,
love is a realistic thing, 
not something you can buy and wear cause you see how it looks on someone else, 
you have to live it first with yourself, 
LOVE you! LEARN you! ACCEPT you! 
Cause I guarantee once you get that part down someone else will be rewarded with what you found… 
in yourself, 
self love.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

always love god 1st

love yourself, never compromise your values for anybody

well said

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