This bag of bones never fits right

This skin they're in too big, too tight

And the slick acid of anxiety barks and bites

And the shape of my face never quite nice

But I love myself anyway

Flawless at being me anyway

I say these words until I believe 'em

Some call it narcissism;

I call it freedom

Because I’ve hated my body since kindergarten

Tried to starve and purge and push

Before I knew that I could be more

Even if I craved to be less

But why be less when I'm blessed

From the dried paint on my fingertips

To the stretchmarks on my thighs

From my blurry brown eyes

To my deep bellied sighs

From my hiccup-broken tears

To my wicked witch laugh

From me, to me

That's all it takes to be

Flawless, blessed, and free


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