I'd give my life to see those in evil power to fall. Why is our generation so sucked into the ways of the world. Everyone knows this world is living backwards "But shame on me for pointing it out. I'm not going to sit back &watch . And I'm not going to hide either, The system is all for itself just like the Game is . How is that helping our People" Your people" your Family and your future generation  our Children's ,children ?? Our Generation isn't doing anything but living how they want us to live. So sit down & stay quite while they rule & Divide us. Everyone in this world has the power to be great We're so focused on surviving  that we'll take whatever it takes to get what we want I'm more focused  on the people then anything You think those in power are looking out for Your greater good & your children's great good. No they work with what's working for right"now" temporally it will work But I  Tell you For sure It Won't Last

This poem is about: 
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

use your power to inspire

never relinquish it

this generation needs to be aware of whats happening or else there will be utter chaos

keep writing


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