Seen from My Eyes

I see it with my eyes

I look away from the lies

I capture that moment in the small box I call a camera.


But when everyone looks at me, some see a werido, a creep.

I think back on them that I can hardly speak.

Why call art unworthy for success?


The income is great, the lifestyle is fresh.

No worries of being in competition, because each artist is the best.


I've been through rough roads, I slashed away bad threats.

I capture the moments when I found them truthful, I guess.


Seeing the world with their publicity is great

I have no instagation, I have no regret.


But have you noticed when people say, "Mind your buisness," "Worry about you."?


How's that so when all around you shows that you're not the only one standing and there's people who appear out of the blue.


I know, I might be crazy, and unfit.

But when I was younger, I found out why I clicked.


I want to discover, I want to explore.

But in the meantime, I'll be around people I enjoy and adore.

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