Seeking positivity

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 17:48 -- Sade16

Well, this past year hasn't been much of a nightmare for me, but it hasn't been easy. In the past year I have finished my freshman year of high school and now I am in my sophomore year, and it's not a walk in the park experience, but I don't quit and I can't quit. Nothing much has really happened to me the past year that has impacted me that much, but with family and friends, it's definitely been chaotic, like being on a roller coaster that will never stop! Family/friendship bonds have sadly been broken and it hurts me, but I usually don't show it towards other people. I'm the type of person that will go high over heels for the people I love, but if I'm going through something I just want to be left alone, that's me, it's just how I was brought up in life. Right now, I just want to have positivity in my life, for me and my loved ones, that's all I want. My heart aches for love and positivity! 

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My family
My country
Our world
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