Seeking (The Divine Lover)

Can the next being in my life,
Be somewhat like a revelation?
Your mouth being the bible,
Preaching me into a trance
Falling into your waters
Sheba vision realizing its truth
It's beauty and your reflection
not only from the sun I used to worship
Baptizing me to be saved unto your eyes...
Calling your love a religion,
And having me nearly convinced
But still questioning thee,
Testing your wisdom,
Still in the phase of questioning,
Remembering once the false kings of old,
Who've shattered the queen from within me
Smashing crowns and snatching kingdoms
Their tongues, their mouths
Still clinging upon the breasts of their concubines
As their own kingdom slowly begins to crumble
With that, I seek of thee, an escape from despair
Falling unto your feet as both sinner and beggar
Befriend me as I'm Mary Magdalene
Lifting me up to your mountains
Let there be the savior of love
Your hug as the holy rope binding,
Our bodies together in divinity
The prison of you, I turn myself in.
Releasing me into an internal freedom
A freedom within your freedom
All still revolves around you being the one for I.
Armaan means to meet his revelation,
Awaiting the answer of forty days and nights
To be saved.

- Armaan

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