Seeing Stars


Supine among the trampled grass,

With blades harshly glistened and freshly trimmed,

He lay


Constellations dancing before his eyes,

Graceful Cassie floating unrivalled in onyx velvet,

Waterloo’s witness


Embraced by darkness,

Whose love radiated indifference for him, his life, his dreams,

He lay consoled with iridescent rocks


Time held its breath,

Suffocating, wheezing, blueing,


He rubbed his sour temple,

None the wiser of the universe beneath the palm,

And that it had lost a child,


Flash! They puckered at him,

His hand reached out,

Calloused fingers fell defeated


Bang! They teased him,

His hand reached out,

Calloused fingers closed confused,


Through slitted eyes they runned,

Through slit eyes they ran


They were him and he was they


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