Seeing Myself.

Opening my eyes,

Starring at my thighs,

A sad face in the mirror,

Trying hard to see an image clearer.

Knowing I was large,

having fear I turned into a barge,

Beginning to see my fate,

I turned to my favorite slice of cake.

Soon seeing how unhappy,

My mother was not sappy,

I know about a change,

Came across strange.

Instead of hating my body,

It became such a hobby,

To stop my frown,

The thoughts I had to drown.

I began to smile,

Not complaining about my 'style,'

Knowing I was large,

Escaped my fear of being called a barge,

I thought I was beautiful,

The opinions were undutiful.

But why did they matter?

Who cares if I would get flatter,

for all my life i was ashamed,

Ugly I was named.

As the trees got taller,

I no longer felt smaller.

For I am beautiful.

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