seeing eye to eye


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relationships is built on trust
thats why being with that significant one solidifies a must
there is nothing like being with someone that loves and accepts you for you
sure it feels like a roller coaster
everything is peace and love when the ride is at its highest peak
its when the ride drops to its lowest point, can it overcome difficulties that will not cause a leak
its never about hiding things that makes someone think you are a sneak
its about that ride going smooth like a strawberry/banana smoothie
its about staying level and dealing with all aspect that enables for love ones to come closer
i learn a valuable lesson more precious than a math lecture in school
believe you me, mama didn't raise no fool
its about understanding all thoughts other than your own
at the end, i am embrace all perspectives in which i'm well known
there is going to be times where we fight
no, its not physical. a real man knows other outlets that cultivate his might
every time there is disagreement, it feels like a tug of war of where you pull that person to the other side
but then, what was gain in that whole process?
feeling like above the clouds mightier than thor
i don't have a woman who is a whore
its about compromise which means finding a way to see eye to eye. not like boxers ready to square off
i mean rhyme and reason more sensible than untalented rappers with no skills
more so , its about content and salvage a relationship that will heal more genuinely real than a con-artist selling products that is suppose to be official, but we all know it's superficial
at the end, our love is bigger than the rock vs cena match at wrestlemania
no its not a bout, its about two people tag teaming together to conquer the enemy known as the challenger

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