The seed who became a pine tree

I once was this innocent young woman who was full of love life joy inspiration ready to move grow and flourish from a little seed in soil growing over time in to a large beautiful tree. Little did I know the water that was to feed my roots, help me become the best thing ended up being a venemouse poison. 19 on my way to success in college but yet due to financial circumstances free education ran out, it was voided and destroyed. My what was to be "water" to quench the thirst of my heart and soul was oh to be there and inspire me as we moved along together, two becoming one. Help the tree grow to branch out and flourish full of love and life. But it seemed what was to be perfect had deep venemous poisions called lies, hate, anger bitterness and strife. The water and the seed-me we tie the knot to move to the new beginning where growth was to begin flourish and survive. Little did I know it was all just a lie. Three years this seed grew roots and a short stump...what began to become a tree wasn't meant to live. Countless  days I thirsted..for love, affection, quality time, respect, fun, acceptance..all to be placed on the back burner, starving, thirsting, neglected. While the water poured me poison he searched other wells to satisfied this deep pit of a void within, looking for filtration to get rid of the impurities he had inside. Little did I know these impurities inside that he had were just spreading about creating miniature seeds and nothing good while me the thirsting seed was blind. Pouring into other wells and filling them with lust, sin, disgust, the seed who was to grow from the water sat underground beginning to break apart with dry roots looking like what was becoming dust. The seed who cooked, cleaned, worked, fought for better, church, never denied the water of the many things it took to purify him and supply him with the proper filtration to thrive and survive in this crazy world sat back and fell apart. Not only slowly decomposing inside, she starved for attention, learned what insecurity was about and fought to be accepted in a wole new place where family was no where to be found. The water thought he won but yet he didn't, this seed decided to create her own fertilizer to bring herself back to life and confidence replinished. Through all the hateful arguments, the emails/texts and sexual encounters done behind her back, the physical attack yet throwing her into the hospital, the seed kept pushing. Not only did she grow silent but she grew strong into a healthy root wanting and wishing. Called to war to leave what was spoiled and sour behind, she went on to improve her story she called life. Not only did she gain promotion in the Army Reserves, she grew a relationship with God so thick that her confidence could not be disturbed. Came home from war to the unmasking truth about her beloved water. He was sewage water, flowing dump to dump to wells of little girls who were too dumb to know their worth. Found joy in messing with a married man thinking they were winning. The water now sits under investigation by the military for court marshalling for adultery from lies that lingered from the end all the way back to the beginning. The seed now is a pine tree waving in the wind. Working to acquire money to achieve her goals as a dentist-oral maxillofacial surgeon branching out her leaves and seeds to feed and supply the need to help fight plaque and gingival disease. Fix the issues of those inflicted whether domestic, accidental or genetically and make them feel beautiful again. Helping is what the pine tree chooses to do. The first step is doing what she always wanted to do, pursue all the wants and needs of the mind and put them to action. She decided to dually work on herself and her skills. Currently assisting in the military she wants to pursue pre-requisites but on that road to dental school she wants to become a better chef. Culinary Arts School is where she may learn best. This seed survived domestic violence, neglect, abuse and slander from her water that was to be pure but all the while she fought she held on to a God who is able and always sure. Oe thing the seed can plant into the mind and hearts of the world is even when you hit rock bottom, you can only go up and succeed. Believe in yourself because in this world faith, hope, hard work and structure is all you need.

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Bryce Hagenson

I like the Meaning inthis poem, say why don't look at one of mine you just mite like it :)

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