See You Later California


I remember the breeze blowing through the trees, blowing from the east, to the west,
 we called it "fresh". The beaches would call out my name, it was the same way, everyday. 
So many faces, so many places to be at once. 
I can still see memories of you and me sitting under the trees,
 remembering an easier life full of simpler times. 
California, you carry me back in time, where the Sun shined and met mankind.
I rewind to the lovelier times of younger years, 
before I could process words with my ears, 
before I feared what appeared to be weird, at the time.
 My brain was so light, my mind was so bright to discover  anything, and everything, 
it was a blessing. We were all so happy, it was perfect, 
but up on the surface, these uncertain waves had a different movement that I regret roaming,
 the destruction of unity. I wish I could've been immune to it.
 It was intuition, with an incision, to birth division inside charity. 
Remembering in all sincerity makes me portray a better understanding of the happening,
 on that day. 
The way it humbled, the way it crumbled me and my brother, 
for the mistakes of a father and mother, that could not be covered.
California, you take me back to the west, the best place to lay these memories to rest.
I must confess, this was my test to pass through, to see the beauty of the ocean blue.
 Now that I am older, I understand we were in the palm of God's hand, 
even resurrecting out of the sand was part of the plan.
 I'm not upset with the way you took the pieces of life and made them right, you made me ready for bigger fights up ahead. 
Go ahead make me yours, I was made to walk on the Lord's shores.
California, I'll see you later, someday.
 I know I'll see you in a different way, it's not gonna be the same anymore, like the years before. But I will always remember the core, and what my purpose was created for,
 though You were there before I was born, 
My California.


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