See Ya Later


Red. Really really red.

Theres red like your cheeks when you laugh

and theres red like April’s dress

but then there’s alligator ice, fruit punch red.


Not just streaks or strokes

really really oversaturatedly red.

Not even Kodachrome red.

certainly not Velvia red, but

thick icy red

that hangs in the back of your mind

As much as it hangs it’s taste to your tongue.


It all turns purple anyways.

A couple of months of neutral gray,

one and a half years of deep blue

infected with caramine.


I’m ready to feel yellow again.

Charlie Brown’s shirt yellow.

Bongo’s pizza yellow.

Yellow stars, a yellow planet.

A planet as yellow as the little prince’s hair,

as your laugh.


Your yellow laugh that turns your cheeks red.

Almost as red as a alligator ice, fruit punch.


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