To see the spirit

Let no eye fall upon me and see not my soul. For in this body is a mind, and in that mind is a spirit. Let no judgement pass from those whom cannot bare the same. For no matter cruel work of tongue or hand. All souls are ever innocent. Mind fabricates fear, mind procreates hatred. The body simply holds us, it is we whom choose the paths. When our soul looks on in horror as we murder, steal and greed, we fail this life's lessons. And learn not the truth. That all beings in this plane are fragments of each other. None can be higher and nine can be lower. So when you gaze upon the murderer, see not a demon breathing. Ere but pity this mind. For it has chosen ignorance. And ere pray for this soul as it hath had to witness the crime and try to stop its committer. Let no eyes fall upon others in hatred. For we have learned the truth. That even in the cruelest mind, there is a crying spirit.


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