See Serena


United States
40° 23' 46.5504" N, 104° 47' 13.56" W

It's the end of the show
Whales sent to the back
A last thankful wave
People still intact.

It's the middle of the show
The whale goes to pose
I look to the audience and see
A girl that attends all shows

It's the beginning of the show
I watch people take their seat
And see the same little girl
I think we should meet.

The show is now over
I go to pools platform
The seat is now empty
Surrounded by popcorn.

It's between shows
The new line has begun
And who's at the front?
The little party of one.

It's the end of the show
She still sits alone
I ask her to come to me
In the politest of tone.

She walks over to me
With a nervous smile
"How long have you come here?"
"It's been quite a while."

"What is your name?
Mine is Catina."
"It's a pleasure to meet you,
My name's Serena."

"I notice you sitting here
Every show
You look so amazed.
Is there someone you know?"

"I don’t have a family
And I'm nine years old
My mom kicked me out,
"you’re a mistake" I was told."

I was shocked by this story
I could not believe
How this innocent girl
Was told to leave.

I've been wanting a girl
But can not conceive
This little girl's story
Helped me believe.

Then it hit me
I want a girl, she needs a mom
My daughter Serena
Parents, Catina and Tom.

She loves the whales
I am the trainer
She wants to be me,
I can teach her.

One month later
It's finalized
Serena Mighell
She's personalized.

The time went by quick
She's 19 now
And trains by my side
Taking her bow.

Her dreams are fulfilled
And mine are as well
I am her hero
I can tell.

I look to the crowd
She sits there no more
I look to my side
See the girl I adore.


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