See the Sea

Barreling out to sea

I watch the red sun rise.

As wood scrapes knees

we start to sway with the gentle tides.


Sitting side by side

we take everything in careful strides.

Making sure we're all in sync

we softly start to sing:


"Glide with ease

when you hear us sing

everything of Ms. Beverly.

Back to front, front to back

no one use a touch of slack.


Glide with ease

trudge through seas

be on top of the ocean's breeze!

Waves and tides go high and low

but never once do we slow.


She may be dull,

she may be old,

but our Beverly will always hold.

We only row for her aid

when the salty winds start to fade.


Here's what we chant:

Back to front, front to back

but know that we've never used a touch of slack!"


The waves begin to roar

as the sky pelts our oars.

"Tighten the sails!

Man the deck!

Make sure that we don't wreck!"


Beverly starts to dance

as Thunder creates a beat,

we all grab onto an arm or leg and maybe a few feet.

As we stand in a trance

we simply start to see

the blinding Heavens of St. Wimberley.

The wind blows harder than ever before

tearing sails as men sore.

Tears mix with crashing waves

as grown men start to cave.


All at once silence overtakes

the beauty we had before the quakes.

Running form end to end

I realize I am my only friend.


Sitting with St. Wimberley

I quietly sip the Captain's tea

knowing I am lost at sea.


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