See the real me?

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 02:45 -- LadyT


  At times I feel such anger and animosity. I let time pass and it will dissipate into guilt and disappointment. Everyone including my closest of kin, have their own versions of me, none of which is the real me. And I don't see how they come with these conclusions for I don't act like those versions. Alas, I cannot even show the real me for no one will comprehend or want to comprehend the real me. I guess opinions to others is sometimes better to believe than facts. At time I want to hate the world and everyone in it, then I let myself breathe and calm down. I want to live for myself, but why do I find myself living for others. Anger, guilt and disappointment surge through me, electrifying my nerves and my patience. Oh! How I feel like a lightning rod, attracting false pretenses/a false sense of self. I guess in some twist it's easier to fall into the roles others put me into; when I don't even know which characters I want to play.


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