see past the reality


I see the greater meaning in what exists,

I have such powerful empathy I feel what other's are feeling and sense the emotions of the all things on this planet,

I see the piglets walking around as pieces of bacon, crying to mean more than what they are worth,

I watch my father, heart made of metal, bawl when because he listened to a coldplay song about a dying brother,

reminded him of his oldest brothers death, the one person he looked up to the most,

tears in my fathers eyes give me a throat full of swords trying to cough out a condolence,

suffocated by spit I manage "I love you dad"

I don't focus on reality and present too much because it is boring,

I think about how many people have sat in the seat I am sitting in now, in school,

try and break the thick toxic glass seperating me from all the other human beings,

I want to not be so caught up in my perspective,

I feel the power of the ocean,

we can rape and pilage the earth all we want but we cannot touch her,

she is unpredictable and mysterious, everyone wants a piece of her, we even tried to section her off into different names, like she could be deemed ours, like we own her,

no one but the moon has control over her movements.

crabs like black demons, jump across rocks molded from the blood of volcanoes,

angry water hits them with all her strength but they stand strong, indifferent,

I see a wild life documentary opportunity practically film itself.

the ability to appreciate nature and human beings and see their potential is what happiness is and I behold this superpower.

I can make a masterpiece out what you find most boring,

I will write a poem with my eyes and sketch a drawing with my ability to appreciate,

I can't see how someone could be happy if they never see the light in life, if they never see through the perspective of a creative human being.




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