See No More Sea

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 04:59 -- 7272rh

I can describe a world with dictionary,
which encompass an island of words
that are very far away yet so real as they appear,
On the paper I see in front.

My empty mind that devours world
now dares me what I see.
But I can only raise a silence
;The world stuns me with cruelty!
I panick amidst the sea but finds an island stand.
My eyes hit the island hard.
It boldly says, "horrible"
To the cruelty.

The water fluctuates, people saying this and that,
While I cling to the land,
glad that I can feel the sand.
I explore the "horrible" land, discovering other parts of it.
With what those words replenish in me
my mind is full of paradise peace.

So I scribble on a little note
Packing the space
With leisure and pleasure.
The place is tolerable
Maybe only to me.
But others are welcome during their tiring swim
Or they could set an island too where I could visit.


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