See Me ?

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 01:24 -- customa


I'm a shadow in the dark.

I've rode quiet in Noah's ark.

I been to hell and back.

There's no telling when I'll go back.

I've seen the horrors on this earth.

Mother's killing their own child they've birth.

I'm amazing , and my personality is what I'm worth.

I am so blessed , but I'm still cursed.

No telling when I'll disburst.

Bezerk is the song I play.

Killings go on in my brain.

I never go to prison , No.

My actions are imagined , So ...

I go on a walk with my bottle of H2O.

Sadly , but I'm no foe to the people I'm around , so

We all go and they know .

They say all these cool things about me.

All the kids want to hang out me.

It's outstanding how the world is surrounding with all these people

with different personalities , BUT

Do you see me ?

I wanna be famous , can't you see I belong on your TV screen?




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