To See


United States
39° 33' 41.2956" N, 79° 53' 48.768" W

Hurridly turning the corner
I saw his thin figure in the shadows. 
He was old and bent
with thining hair, a beard,
and holding a white cane with a red tip. 
Something about him made me stop and stare. 
Thinking back I believe it was his smile. 
For some reason I went to him-
Just to say "Hello".
His hands were wrinkled as he reached out to me.
And I asked-
Why do you smile?
His reply came without hesitation. 
"My child, the birds are singing, 
I can hear children laughing in their play. 
Flowers are in bloom with sweet fragrance.
The sun is shining for I feel its warmth on my face."
Then Suddenly I knew-
All I need is to find joy. 
My heart needs the happiness
of finding the beauty in simple things. 
One cannot live without
We believe it's filled with 

But that is only because
We are the ones who couldn't see. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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